Kiss me quick event

I’ve just got the photos back from the Kiss Me Quick pop up boutique held last month organised by Studio Amour.  For those that missed out here is a quick round up.

It was an amazingly crisp Spring day, music drifted throughout the house.  One hundred spring daffodils stood in vases and brightly coloured silks hung  from floor to ceiling. Printed goodies adorned every available surface.  It was the blossoming of a fresh range of limited edition prints, and greetings cards which were snapped up by keen followers.   Every one that attended left with hart shapped lollies…and the sound of Édith Piaf ringing in their ears.

Photos: Tanya Moulson

1001 Nights Exhibition part 1

To promote the cause of hand printing over the machine, my husband and I have decided to hold bi-monthly exhibitions featuring the work of local and international Graffiti artists, Designers, Makers and Friends.  I present you the first show 1001 Nights!

Heres some pics of us getting ready for it.

I hand printed each flyer onto fabric.  It took a lot of patients but it was well worth it as they looked and felt really special.  Some of the lengths we were printing were so big we had to kneel on top of the print table facing each other passing the squeegy back and forth.